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She Stands Up

09.27.13 Posted in today's words by

Nick Hawkins has written many tribute poems. This is another one.

She Stands Up
By Nick Hawkins

So Mr Bold, Mr Big, Mr Hard Man is made to take a look at himself.
This becomes personal and the mirror, usually not large enough, is suddenly too big.
And where does he put his face? His vanity is spared tonight, emotion now piercing hearts.
No one approaches him, no one is impressed by his stance.
They are not fooled by empty minds producing empty words.

Understanding, he takes another glance at his reflection.
But this time, he only sees her staring back.
Perplexed, he comes to terms with life in a moment,
her smile, her grace, her humility.
This is his crossroads, and hers, and he asks:
Who holds her hand at night? Who whispers toward light?
Orating in verse he moves her way and decides to stand up.

Coward am I, warrior is she, eyes now open to those already in her shadow.
Are his short-sighted misgivings and nonchalance his weakness?
Is her strength his fall?
Never has life appeared so fragile and so strong in one pendulum swing.
Ceasing vacancy, mirrors tell of many hills and vales over many moons,
evolving cycles of dreams, wishes, and miracles, how will she win?

Reward is life, love, a battle dress of beauty surrounded by eternal kindness.
She stands up.


2 Responses to “She Stands Up”

  1. KC Bosch says:

    Never has life appeared so fragile and so strong in one pendulum swing.
    Wow. don’t know the story but can imagine a few.
    thanks kcb

    • Nick Hawkins says:

      Thanks Annmarie. The history is, that this poem was inspired after a fundraising night in 2012 hosted by my sister-in-law Amanda Woodhouse (Facebook charity page….Amanda’s Angels, Brighton, UK) and references to various Misters are noted toward mankind in general and the ignorance shown toward people fighting life threatening diseases and cancer and of course Amanda’s strength to ‘Stand Up’ and fight.

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