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An Unfortunate Appetite

09.26.13 Posted in today's words by

Paul Goldberg’s playful poems, with their vivid descriptions and lessons for life, call to mind nursery rhymes.

An Unfortunate Appetite
By Paul Goldberg

Danny D Wyatt couldn’t keep to a diet.
Try as he might his stomach wouldn’t be quiet.

That stomach grumbled and mumbled almost causing a riot.
Poor Danny D shouted: “Be quiet!”

“Feed me! Feed me!” that stomach did cry.
Poor Danny, he was forced to comply.

Apple pies and cinnamon toast,
eggs and bacon it loved the most.

Cakes and soda, it loved them too.
Gum drops and licorice it loved to chew.

On it went, day after day.
The stomach consumed all in its way.

Soon Danny’s stomach reached the floor,
but still it insisted on eating more.

And when the stomach filled up the room,
it looked around for what else to consume.

There was Danny, alone for an hour.
Guess what his stomach chose to devour?


2 Responses to “An Unfortunate Appetite”

  1. Paul Strohm says:

    Thanks for this. I am up and about working on my poems and I definitely needed a break. I read one good poem a day and this was it.

  2. paul goldberg says:

    Thank you for your kind words. The original name is The Deadly Diet of Danny D. Wyatt. So nice to hear that someone outside of my biased family enjoyed.

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