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John Kaniecki’s most recent poem to appear here was Cracked (December 2013). Dandelion By John Kaniecki I stumble upon the enormous In the tiny, tiny, tiny A tender seed flowing in the breezy winds Planted aptly as it settles Like unto a humble kind deed of faith A candle of light shedding Pointing to the […]

In Retrospect

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Hugo J Quizhpi was born and raised in New York City. He served in the US Air Force Reserves, where he received recognition for duties rendered during 9/11 and Operation Iraqi Freedom. His poems are inspired by his experiences in the military and his indigenous Ecuadorian roots. His work has appeared at The Tower Journal, […]

My Prayer

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jd young’s poem Moments appeared here in August 2011. My Prayer By jd young Lord please touch me Grant me peace Soothe my broken heart I had her for such a short time Letting go makes deeper the dark She did not have an easy time Life seemed to pass her by Too often I […]

The Light

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Nancy Scott wrote this poem. The Light By Nancy Scott When I was a girl and lived in the city I used to get up early, stand at the window of my tiny apartment to watch the dawn break over the tall buildings. I called my ritual “welcoming the light,” and I loved it, loved […]

Say Pocket

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Kevin Acers lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, their cat, and a potted plant names Fronds Kafka. His writings appear in Red River Review, Oklahoma Review, The Prose-Poem Project, Illya’s Honey, The Centrifugal Eye, Z-Composition, and Decades Review. His book, Time Machine: Prose Poems and Vignettes, is available at Amazon. He is working on […]

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