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Pere Risteski¬†was born in Struga, Macedonia. He lives in Ohrid and works as a teacher. Pere has participated in numerous seminars and conferences, earning certificates in pedagogy, education, education management and other disciplines. He has written more than 30 academic papers and has published 3 books of poetry, Sin of the first love, Wayside winds, […]


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Neil Ellman’s last poem to appear here was An Excerpt from the Diary of a Man Growing Old: Elegy for Clarabel (March 2013). Moon (after the woodcut in the Home is a Foreign Place series by Zarina Hashmi) By Neil Ellman If it disappeared like a magician’s coin behind his ear he would have to […]

Because (and a Translation Once Removed)

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K Leaman is a young writer who has recently finished her first novel. She is currently editing it and pursuing publication. Some of her work has appeared in Award-Winning Young Writers of America 2012. Visit her blog. This is a piece from her Translations collection, a concept that explores creativity and the limits and possibilities […]


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Michael Roloff describes himself as an occasional poet. He currently has two collections in search of publishers and his poetry and translations have been published in New York for more than 25 years. His notable translation work includes Innerworld of the Outerworld of the Innerworld and Nonsense and Happiness, both by Peter Handke and 65 […]

For someone, maybe

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Lou Pugliese’s most recent poem to appear here was Last Christmas (March 2014). For someone, maybe By Lou Pugliese When I write I never know Just how a story ends The subtlety, the ebb and flow The twists and turns and bends The words fall from a broken mind Just random letters spilled Like starting […]

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