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94 Bus, Sunland, Los Angeles

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Erren Gerraud Kelly’s most recent poem to appear here was “Sugar Maple Leaf . . . after the photography by Alexis Doshas” (March 2017)

94 Bus, Sunland, Los Angeles
By Erren Gerraud Kelly

Black widow on
the 94 bus
she’s a rock and roll
punk goddess
a goth angel, clad
in black
from head to toe
she wears a legacy of
on her neck
her pale skin day
fighting against
her violet eyes tell stories
of the blues
like the cameo on
her neck
she’s a moment to be
black boots walk away in
lock step
to my heartbeat

2 Responses to “94 Bus, Sunland, Los Angeles”

  1. Charlene james says:

    Great images conjured up effortlessly and with style