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A Box of Dreams

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Linda Powell’s most recent poem to appear here was “The Seagull Left Me” (December 2017)

A Box of Dreams
By Linda Powell

In the sluggish haze of morning I notice a door
which I cautiously approach and find is open.
I pause but can’t resist crossing the threshold.
Ignoring the lump in my throat,
I toss apprehension aside and begin to explore.

I sense I may have already been here,
in another time, another state, another “me”.
Soon I realize this is where I
neatly folded my dreams and packed them away,
finding them easier to forget than to pursue.

I gather my empty hopes and lost ambitions;
then tuck them, one by one, into a box I once discarded
by the door. I think how fortunate it is that I stumbled
across them now, at this very moment,
when I need them the most.

I pass back through the door with my box of dreams;
a prized possession I clutch tightly to my chest.
A creak of the door tells me it has closed behind me;
a click of the lock suggests I’ll never be going back.
There is no need—I found my dreams!

3 Responses to “A Box of Dreams”

  1. David Roark says:

    No kidding

  2. Bobbie Troy says:

    good one, Linda. I love that you found your dreams.

  3. wow, love this! Gave me chills

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