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Paradise Emperor

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Anna S. Kapung lives and writes in Buckinghamshire, England. 

Paradise Emperor
By Anna S. Kapung

Loved the idea of you
Houses in Cape Town, Houses in Tuscany
Devotion I treasure
Cherish I adore
You are love that is my shelter, my dear
Like a ship at the seashore, my harbour
Its bliss, it’s you I consider
My asylum, out of me tenderness pours
Nights in Paris
Moments we conquer
Rising fountains of summer
The comforts of our nature
Tete-a-tete, the love we nurture
Laugh under the Northern Lights
Love is earth’s power
Shines ablaze superfluous rapture
Paradise’s Emperor
Freedom is our master
Listen to the oceans
Loves is secure
I am the sun in your winter
Days pass
My loves residence in chances fire
I am home I surrender
Attached to love like my native land

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