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Love Poem

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Frank Cavano’s most recent poem to appear here was “Midway on the Ramp Between Ship and Shore” (February 2018)

Love Poem
By Frank Cavano

I know that you love me.
Pretend not otherwise, my love,
For I feel your eyes upon me
Like the afternoon sun,
As constant as the rain.
And I know that you want me.
And I know that you love me.

Make mystery for me
No longer, my love—
For I have felt you tremble
When you considered my name.
I have penetrated you and
Your disguise and have
Loved what I have come upon.

I know that you love me, love.
Play no more games with
My fickle mind but
Merely be the you
I’ve come to know.
For I know what I know and
You love me, my God.

One Response to “Love Poem”

  1. Andrea Varga says:

    Wonderful poem!

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