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A Soldier’s Love Letter

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While many writers struggle with inspiration, Nathaniel Spears writes to inspire others. His last appearance here was with his poem Friends in August. His book Inspiration 2 Smile is forthcoming from unbound CONTENT. 

A Soldier’s Love Letter
By Nathaniel Spears

My heavenly father
My beautiful kids
And 4 you
My love will never end

Everyday being away from u is hard
Even harder than watching the deaths
Of innocent kids in wars

It’s hard 2 find true love
True love is what we got
True love is you and me
True love is all I got!

When I return home
My life with you
I want 2 spend

After writing this letter
The soldier died
In a roadside bomb blast

His love survived
This letter
Is proof
When you love someone
That love 
Will find a way
To reach you.

One Response to “A Soldier’s Love Letter”

  1. Realistic thoughts of a soldier’s letter to his loved ones and interesting use of the letters and numbers sprinkled throughout. I wish I had formally introduced my self to you instead of in the class. You’re such a talented poet.

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