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An account of the first of Summer’s Muse: releasing the spell of the secular she that came before her

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John McKenna’s most recent poem to appear here was “The Other Boys of Summer” (November 2013)

An account of the first of Summer’s Muse: releasing the spell of the secular she that came before her
By John McKenna


New summer new olde summer olde

your gold to bronze
your blue to gray
your twilight, to merely shadow

yet this very shore of ancient ocean
still whispers and hums
coos calls beckons

not and no longer to sail
search and sojourn to find you

as that has been done,
once and ago

you yourself can read of my having discovered you,
you may find it and other things there,
still in the parchment
in a foreign land visited
but in dreamscape

instead, to push off

deep plunge
azure waves endless
ancient cresting white
and purple

to now and forever leave this wreckage

concede this once fine ship
to rook and bittern
gull and crab
to wind and wave

sail new again

in a new made
small slender single craft

a fisherman’s boat

hand crafted in the vision by inspiration,
in the design of, knowledge and traditions
shared of my outlaw Brothers of
the fires, tents and shores of Galilee

a boat, that once
but needed not—

but for gift and grace—and mercy
held the feet of the Wild Christ

to now
carry on shoulder this boat,
across scrub and rock
territories, field and dry
to the shore
of the Mediterranean chalice
to sail West


sail West
like others
of wounds survived
seeking only Peace

with wind and knowledge
made from insights—
cut of scars—
seeking wisdom water wake
and West

heart wounds, filling the bottom
of this small boat,
wet and flopping
like a great catch of fish

when air and sun begin to harden,
to gently before they quiver not again,
with eyes wide and light receiving,
by my hands
quench, return them back to the sea


to the rigging adjust,
sure to sail,

to line

to horizon widening

sail into the West


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