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The Other Boys of Summer

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John McKenna’s most recent poem to appear here was The White Horse (New Amsterdam on Hudson) (December 2012).

The Other Boys of Summer
By John J McKenna

Buk, like Hemingway,
was a big personality
and machismo

one from the LA Bowery

the other,
from wished and wandered Pamplona

one, in ill-fitting baggy boxers, chinos, and expensive madras short-sleeved shirt

the other
an expat nouveau aristocrat
in pressed linen

shaving was optional for one
while grooming essential to the other

just men

who shared
a little of the angry antsy Huck
they was

a gambler with affection for the equine

a big-game hunter and fisherman

a six-pack of tall boys and a bottle of red

a cape buffalo and a bottle of absinthe

both knew violence
both pugilists

one of the alley
the other of occasion

one a brawler,
whether barroom or bedroom

the other, of proper prose
and pro

both got their asses kicked
a lot

both knew words
masters of their mark

tough with tools and talent
a life’s topography to match
their metal

both liked the Bettys
(and, maybe, Papa too liked Bobby as well)

It was always about Life
It was always about Love


a gift to each of us

a love letter to themselves

the very best
a writer can do


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