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Michael Copeland’s most recent poem to appear here was “Tears” (April 2018)

By Michael Copeland

Her tears ran on forever
turning cheek to aged bronze
her mind ebbed with sadness.
Hardening memories atrophied
the joy she once knew,
life would never be the same.
Romance had left her crying,
a broken heart was not to mend,
past love was lost to the forever.
Fleeting years were not kind
to her body, or her soul,
dreaming was not to be.
Looking down from the loft
did nothing for her mind as
spirits had gone to never more.

3 Responses to “Aging”

  1. Frank Adams says:

    A beautiful poem, haunting, soulful and truth filled. Great job!

  2. Sad. However, we all reach this point at some time.

  3. Sandy Patton says:

    Deeply touching and so very honest. Just beautiful.

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