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Miguel Jacq’s most recent poem to appear here was “Ten Days at Sea” (July 2013).

By Miguel Jacq

unwrapped the new notebook
to find lone wolf lash
gone rogue—

what could I have been reading if not
your un-penned poem,
born back into light,
blank canvas to blinking?

it blew away — all the doors
and windows
of my house won’t close.

wearing your name it returns
on the busy wind,
in the too-quick zone, this February.

I try again to catch and contain it, lane-
hopping from anxiety into air,

find myself lingering too long,
too long now at the lights,
as if I could stall your departure:

reassemble you hair by hair,
thought upon thought
piled up
in peak hour

One Response to “Air”

  1. Ed Zahniser says:

    Really enjoy the poem. Nice work!

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