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Alice Fulton Always Makes Me Feel Bad

08.08.18 Posted in today's words by

Paul M. Strohm’s most recent poem to appear here was “All Our Pretty Words” (July 2018)

Alice Fulton Always Makes Me Feel Bad
By Paul M. Strohm

I am listening to this reading by the poet Alice Fulton
  and in doing so I learnt a lot about me.
I am not a very sensitive person.
There’s nothing deep inside me trying
  to get out, stay hidden or explain itself.
I suppose all I think about is me
  and the sounds I make, excuse me please.
I am devoid of animal rights thoughts
  or dirty planet fears.
I am pretty much a guy
   with a nice exterior who talks a lot.
I can’t imagine anyone without a happiness
  other than on the surface.
I live on the surface of my life
  like any other parasitic creature.
I am glad I listened to Alice Fulton
read her poems but I think I am the guy
sitting there in the room completely
enamored by his own sweat.

One Response to “Alice Fulton Always Makes Me Feel Bad”

  1. Charlene james says:

    Love it because it takes umbrage with poets that write mostly about observing their navels and going no further.
    Paul, sweat on!

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