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In the Park Today

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John D. Robinson’s most recent poem to appear here was “Nicky the Chef” (November 2017)

In the Park Today
By John D. Robinson

‘Daddy! Daddy! I wanted that
game! I wanted it! daddy I
wanted that game! can we
go back and get it! please
daddy, let’s go back!’ and
then the 9 year began play-
sobbing as he held onto
his father’s hand:
‘I want world peace but
I’m never going to get it’
father said to son:
‘I bet that costs more than
the game I want!’ the boy
‘Much, much more’ the
father said:
‘Daddy, then get me the
game, why won’t you get
me the game and then you
can save up for world peace’
said the boy to his dad.

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