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Bobbie Troy’s most recent poem to appear here was Fleeting Soul (January 2014).

By Bobbie Troy

anger wears me out
it takes my guts
and ties them up
like an overstuffed sausage
that’s ready to burst

and when the anger subsides
I am spent
and nothing has been resolved


4 Responses to “Anger”

  1. This is a lesson for all of us. But, how do we control it? I hope we all learn to do this. A great poem to guide us through life.

  2. Tristan Cody says:

    I like the use of sausage here because you get the feeling like you’re going to explode from the anger and that is exactly what a sausage does when exposed to too much heat – it just explodes.

    Odd, but well suited, use of imagery, my friend.

    Thank you so much for the poem. I appreciate it.

  3. Bobbie Troy says:

    Thank you, everyone. Anger is something that we all deal with in our lives, if only occasionally. Dealing with it first requires that you recognize the feeling. Then you can figure out the “why” and the “how.” It ain’t easy.

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