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Christmas Lights

04.28.14 Posted in today's words by

Bill Webb’s most recent poem to appear here was Clarity (February 2014).

Christmas Lights
By Bill Webb

Lights sparkle in your eyes
the tree adorned
children gently snore.
It is then I understand
the beauty of unwrapping.


3 Responses to “Christmas Lights”

  1. Tristan Cody says:

    Hey there,

    I really like this piece, Bill. I’m a big fan of your beat on the second and third lines. It adds a very uplifting tone to the poem and gives it a bit more joy when it comes to reading.

    The truth is that I admire the vague, but (to me) implied story of it. I can think of a hundred different things this could mean but they all still fluctuate around one idea. A fantastic thing for me when it comes to poetry.

    With much respect,

  2. […] Webb’s most recent poem to appear here was Christmas Lights (April […]

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