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By Michael O’Keefe

As I lay here watching my wife sleep, angelic
The early morning sun casts a halo around her face
She is as beautiful to me now as the day I met her
And that day she took my breath away

In the instant, I am forced to puzzle
Why it took me thirty years
To realize I was blindly struggling to grasp
What I had always possessed

The years of advancing careers,
Accumulating, protecting, always in pursuit
Were not per se wasted
But they were distracting

I take stock now
And am surprised to find
I am not through counting blessings
Before I run out of fingers and toes to tally them

I had focused so much time and energy
Trying to acquire this peace and well-being
I failed to enjoy the journey
The same mistake will not be made with the destination

I have achieved more spiritual riches
Than I ever thought attainable
With an extraordinary woman
Whose love I could not do without

As I take in the warm morning glow
I finally know true contentment
I want for nothing
Except more of this forever

3 Responses to “Arrived”

  1. Wonderfully paced and what great message! –I feel the same for my wife…

  2. Bobbie Troy says:

    Lovely, true, and very real.

  3. Lovely wishes of a romantic man who realizes what life is all about.

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