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At the Art Exhibit

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Howard F. Stein’s most recent poem to appear here was “Invitation to the Dance” (October 2017)

At the Art Exhibit
By Howard F. Stein 

An Edward Hopper exhibit
came to town.
I stroll the gallery,
stare at each painting
as if it were familiar.
My eyes walk me into
painting after painting
until they become alive.
I live here; I have lived here
for as long as I can remember—
barren walls, chairs all pointed
away from each other,
afternoon shadows
fallen on unused furniture,
mute red brick buildings
through the window.
No sign of life here.
I disappear into the paintings,
never to return.

2 Responses to “At the Art Exhibit”

  1. Sandy Patton says:

    Dear Howard,
    This poem’s imagery is so clear it speaks to me in the same way a beautiful piece of art work would. With you words, you placed yourself ‘right there’, YOU became part of each scene. I felt the starkness, the loneliness and despair. Wonderful!!

  2. Howard Stein says:

    Dear Sandy, Thank you for taking the time to write your response to this out-on-a-limb poem. You Really understand what the poem and I are about! Even better, the poem gave you Yourself and your feelings. I would be pleased to correspond further with you. Warm regards, Howard

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