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In Dreams

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Sandy Patton’s most recent poem to appear here was “Legacy 1908” (September 2017)

In Dreams
By Sandy Patton

Another night, the same damn dream.
Like lyrics of a well-loved song,
it plays over and over,
bits and pieces of a painful past toying
with my mind and heartstrings,
leaving me both shaken, yet hopeful.

I know him in the dark,
breathe in his pure, clean scent,
caress rough edges, soft textures;
a familiar jumble of warm skin
and beautiful bones.

My fingers stroke the spiky stubble
of beard, the smooth arch of cheekbone,
trace the raised, purplish scar on his neck,
compliments of a drunken barfly’s wild aim
with a jagged beer bottle.

I delight in the feel of strong hands
running all over my skin, callused fingertips
strumming my body, making it sing as skillfully
as the beloved guitar strings he plucks
night after night in smoky taverns.

And, dear Lord, those remarkable eyes,
pale green with flecks of gold, flashing dark
emerald at the peak of passion
with a gaze so piercing, even in darkness,
it scorches every inch of my skin.

A mouth made for pleasure;
persuasive lips claiming mine,
velvety soft, teasing, breathing life
into me, setting body and soul afire.

Through half-closed eyes I surrender
to the deep intimacy of that kiss,
hear his audible sighs,
taste the pungent mingling of both
the sweet and intense, smooth bourbon
with tobacco’s bite.

I allow the essence of the dream
to linger on, it is my safety net,
the only peace I know.
I keep it alive, hold reality
at bay, one more night.

Reminiscent of a gaping wound,
scabbing over, only to break open
again and again, refusing to heal,
I choose to bear the ache of pain
for the pleasure of remembering;

Ancient history, or is it?
The ghosts and memories remain intact,
tangible and real, tinged with a hint of
unsettling regret. Renouncing them
might end the dream, and I can’t
let it go, not yet.

2 Responses to “In Dreams”

  1. I love this sensual poem. Wish I was the lucky one to have dreams like this. Sorry she had to wakeup, It’s one of your best, Sandy.

    • Sandy Patton says:

      Thanks so much, Jeanette. A combination of thoughts/memories, along with some fiction and the song, “In Dreams” by Heart. So glad you enjoyed it.

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