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Brilliant Blue Sky

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Carly Gove’s most recent poem to appear here was Love Note (March 2012).

Brilliant Blue Sky
By Carly Gove

Sunlight streams through the window,
Falling pale yellow on the
Linoleum floor.
Air buzzes with conversation
Brisk teachers addressing surly students,
Vapid, giggling girls doing their damnedest
To remain so.
The sky is brilliant blue (the tired old adage),
Blemished not by cloud,
Blessed not by bee,
Nor bird, nor tree.
There’s a subtle
Gentleness in the beauty of the land,
Blanketed by the warmth from above,
Radiant as the face I love most.

One Response to “Brilliant Blue Sky”

  1. A beautiful visual. Thanks this morning looks better already.

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