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Clammy Chops

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Daniel Wilcox’ most recent poem to appear here was The Canine Trail Memorial (July 2010).

Clammy Chops
By Daniel Wilcox

I scooped in one huge mouthful of savory chowder
Swimming with succulent salmon reconnoitering
Wild from Alaska–my taste buds buzzed into singing,
But the stupid phone in the kitchen rang, yanking me.

I dropped my creamy spoon and rushed through the open door–
Wrong number! Frustrated, I slammed down the white thing,
Tended to nagging errands clanging for attention;
But then heard a loud slurp … slurping ’round the den corner.

Oh, no! I rushed back into the aromatic room
And there crouched Fizzy, our calico, her cream-rootbeer
Mugged head raised, pleased, above the scent-wafted white bowl,
Just “fin-ished”–her pink tongue wiping those smiling chops.

One Response to “Clammy Chops”

  1. L Austine says:

    I love this; thanks!

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