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I’m Busy Right Now

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Andrew Badger’s most recent poem to appear here was “Haiku” (May 2016) 

I’m Busy Right Now
By Andrew Badger

Can’t you see I’m busy
lovely muse? Dishes to put
away, laundry to do,
and my head is stuck
in volume two of a thrilling
trilogy by Ken Follett?

So for this opus you’ve stuck
in my head, which refuses
to communicate with eager
fingers drumming on the keyboard,
what’s the subject?
structure style?

You know I need to catch the rhythm
and flow of line one to move on down
Into a stanza still undefined. Perhaps,
as I wait for sleep to lull me softly
into the arms of Morpheus,
you’d like to sing the poem.

I’ll memorize each syllable,
line, and stanza, and when I wake
tomorrow morn, I’ll sing those lines
my lovely muse has deigned to share
to boldly print on soul and mind
with Delphic majuscules

But at this very moment,
I’m too busy to heed
your extrasolar voice
or take to heart your surly
notions of our human
and your Olympic peccadilloes.

I’m just too busy at the moment—
By the way, do you have ideas
on how I might end this thing?

One Response to “I’m Busy Right Now”

  1. I think you just did. Cute!

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