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Call Me God (I won’t mind . . .)

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Darryl Willis’ most recent poem to appear here was “Goodnight, Goodbye” (August 2017).

Call Me God (I won’t mind . . .)
By Darryl Willis

Lately I’ve been missing sleep;

a proverb keeps me up at night.
When a long shadow springs
up from the feet of the small,
we’re gazing at a setting sun.
The fire still burns my eyes—

I toss and turn and cannot rest.

Does God enjoy a walk within
the halls of power and prestige
(among the cold, lifeless slabs)?
Or does he hide his faced in pain,
suffering with those ashamed
while another says “that’s nice”
placed upon a plane with him.

And when will we face the facts
with opened eyes and broken hearts
and take our places with the prophets
who will speak stubborn truth?
But power can only take so much.
And so, the light is fading fast,
shadows darken and seem to grow—
and it’s another sleepless night.

One Response to “Call Me God (I won’t mind . . .)”

  1. Frank Adams says:

    I find your poem timely, well stated, thought provoking and of many layers.

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