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Lani lives and writes in the sometimes extreme climate of Whitefield
ME, but the only thing extreme about her poetry is its beauty. Reread
her poems (First Practice, Abide) and stop by her blog Remains of the Day
to see what’s new in Andrea’s very busy world. This poem begs for some
carved-out time in a world that doesn’t ever seem to stop moving. Is
there anyone among us who can’t relate?

By Andrea Lani

I could pin them down on
paper, my children like
moths on a Styrofoam block
if only they would stop
moving, for a moment
I could capture them with
the net of my pen stop
time from fluttering
inevitably toward the
flame of tomorrow

8 Responses to “Capture”

  1. Jean says:

    Oh, Andrea! Your amazing poem is of beautiful structure and with a meaning to which any parent can relate. Today, my daughter and I discussed how we’d like to freeze her three tiny children at the ages they are now. Then, her three-year old had a tirade, the baby needed a clean diaper, and her four year old did deer-leaps through the cornflakes on the floor–we laughted and thought–maybe, not so much. G*d has his reasons for letting them grow!

  2. Jessie Carty says:

    i think simple beauty is the perfect way to describe this but also very active. i could just feel the movement of the poem 🙂

  3. Lone Star Ma says:

    I love this!

  4. Rae says:

    Since reading this poem, these images have held me– “… my children like/moths on a Styrofoam block…” and “… I could capture them with/the net of my pen…” Enchanting and haunting.

  5. Bobbie Troy says:

    Great imagery. Love it.

  6. I love this poem, Andrea. How apt. I wish I, too, could capture the little moments a little more often. Thank you.

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