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Car Nerd

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John Grey’s most recent poem to appear here was City Folk, Arts Division (October 2013).

Car Nerd
By John Grey

On his wall, he’s hung a poster
of an automobile cutaway.
It’s his version of Miss August in a swimsuit.
The poster’s so detailed you
can see the ball joint, the bushings,
tie rod, disc brake rotor, universal joint.
The tiny boxes with the arrows are unnecessary.
He knows each part by name and function.
I’m a book worm. I accept that.
But he’s this other kind of worm,
hatched in floor pans, fed on exhaust,
dressed in STP.
And, on his dresser, there’s this photograph
of a bright red Mustang circa 1965.
One loving glance at it
and he’s on the highway,
foot to the floor,
chewing up and spitting out the scenery.
He’s still not old enough to drive.
But he’s already over the speed limit.


2 Responses to “Car Nerd”

  1. KC Bosch says:

    This makes me smile, I knew that kid.

  2. Deleana says:

    I like it.

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