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Nature’s Parade

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It is no secret that nature inspires great poetry. It speaks to our primal side, takes us back to our origins, and enlivens our language with color, feeling, and energy. We are one week into autumn and in some places of these United States, the signs of the season are hard to miss. The leaves […]

Yours Was the First Face

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Kim Klugh lives in Lancaster PA with her husband. She is the mother of three grown children and a writer with credits in the Intelligencer Journal, BusinessWoman, “b” magazine, Susquehanna Life, Central PA Magazine, and Lancaster City Living. One of her essays will be included in the anthology, My Dad Is My Hero (Adams Media, […]


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We’ve already discovered that Karen Schindler’s work is very visual (see Coming Home in the poemblog). Here we get to see some of her process: we have the image that inspired the poem! Read and look and find your own undiscovered image hiding in your world to write about. And then take a look at […]

A Birth

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John Lavan is a poet living in the north of England who has been creating poetry for the last five years, with some success in competitions and in publishing. His poems are inspired by people and events in life, not by any fanciful flights. He believes that every person has a unique, tender soft spot […]


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Tova Cooper is a professor at the University of South Florida specializing in late 19th- and early 20th-century American literature. Her articles have appeared in or are forthcoming in Arizona Quarterly, Paradoxa, and Modern Fiction Studies. Tova blogs about children’s literature with Catha Worthman at She is the mother of a rambunctious three-year-old boy […]

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