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Julia Hones writes mainly poetry and short stories. Her works have appeared in literary journals such as Gadfly Onlin, Epiphany Magazine, The Voices Project, Foliate Oak Literary Journal, Coffee Shop Poems, The Artistic Muse, Black Mirror Magazine, the Mindful Word, TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism, GreenSilk Journal, and others. She is the poetry editor of Southern Pacific Review.

By Julia Hones

She can’t lose
what she has never possessed,
so she chooses to travel lightly;
no suitcases attached to her body,
no chains feasting on her hands,
no blinds mounting her eyes.
There are only birds
hovering over her hair
and orange butterflies
deciphering the voices of the morning air.


One Response to “Choice”

  1. Madilyn says:

    Lovely poem, Julia! Yes, you cannot lose what you never possessed. Especially love the imagery of the hovering birds and “orange butterflies deciphering the voices of the morning air.”

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