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Circular Motion

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although only a minor theme in this poem, is something Val B. Russell
writes very well about. You will remember the delight that is her poem Tic Toc
from this column. Time is the undercurrent in Circular Motion. The
primary reference, of course, is ambition and the pursuit of empty
goals: universal themes and particularly prevalent in hard times such
as these. What you should know about Val: she is choosing now as the
time to pursue her beautiful dream, which means she’s giving up her
blog to focus on writing and promoting books. You can find information
on her children’s book here,
and, hopefully soon, information on more of her writing to be published
in book form. Read this poem and let it inspire you to let go of what
holds you back, pursue your goals, and follow your dreams.

Circular Motion
By Val B. Russell

It all comes in rotation
These transient themes
Followed by those empty wants
And unrealized dreams

Burning ambition
Is really only fear
The mumbling of a jealous soul
Who cannot shed a tear

Can’t you feel the hounds of time
Snapping jaws behind you as you climb?
Carelessly you run away
without your reason or your rhyme

Beware the lofty ladder
It won’t lead you to a throne
And those hounds will tear you from limb to limb
And clean your very bones

Everything you think you know
Will change with each new face
When you run around in circles
It makes you easy to replace

2 Responses to “Circular Motion”

  1. Another gift from Val’s magical hands. This is fantastic.

  2. Lisa Kinser says:

    This poem is so challenging and in-your-face, punctuated brilliantly with truth. I’d never expect any less from a writer so incredibly talented as Val..

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