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Moving in

08.19.09 Posted in today's words by

look! It’s another Virginia writer! Kay Middleton lives on the edge of
the sprawling Lake Smith in Virginia Beach with her husband. She keeps
(or is kept by) a garden and writes poetry, short stories, and novels,
although she rather believes these things write themselves. She has a
piece to be published in an upcoming issue of Eat A Peach Poetry. To
read more of her beautiful words, click here. This poem reads all in a rush, a breathless explanation, til it reaches the sum-up ending.

Moving in
By Kay Middleton

couldn’t live
long anywhere
moved and said
the house
had taught
all it could
suffered through
the end of leases
and provisions
split opportunities
and infinitives
dismissed friends
that ceased to be served
declared drifted
apart or lost
touch but the
white truth
was filled with
gray lies until
age moved in
with its weary

3 Responses to “Moving in”

  1. Jean says:

    Kay, I love the flow of this poem from first to last word, can identify with the constant unrest of moving from one place to another, but especially like, “the house had taught all it could…” and “white truth. . . filled with gray lies…” so visual–I saw clean water superseded by dirty.

  2. Derek says:

    Makes one wonder…makes one think…we have all gone down that road…”Moving In”. Some memories good…some exciting..some forgotten…. Bravo to you for capturing the moment of those journeys…now let me check my old moving boxes…are they empty? Bravo, Kay…BRAVO!!! Bring on more, Middleton…keep’um coming!!!

  3. Sharon Poch says:

    Kay, the journeys of our lives, how long, how brief, how constant. Beautifully crafted.

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