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Colors of Life

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Mark Gooch’s most recent poem to appear here was “Easter Bunny’s Truth” (April 2015)

Colors of Life
By Mark Gooch

Brilliant colors emanate from the crystal in sunlight
Their frequencies the clinical response—so what!
Pray, tell the colors of passion, lust, love, and hate
Lust is red, as the heart is willing, and the flesh is weak
With blue as sadness, or comfort we seek
Little green for envy, claws poised to strike
While royalty is purple, whose commands are deemed right
Money and class grab gold by the ass, while
Rainy days and Mondays cause gray to harass
But of all these hues, these patterns of light,
One creates the most fear; its visit we fight
For when black spreads its veil, then time is no more
But wait,
Do I dare consider a shift, a dimensional rift?
Perhaps another beginning, a world full of bliss
Where love is a color, with power that’s pure
I consider the options, and promote neither cause
Merely mention a theory, or even a cure,
No hate shall exist, and passion endures.

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