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Contributor Series 8: Feast and Famine, Gourmet Love Poem

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Contributor Series 8: Feast and Famine
Gourmet Love Poem
By Max Reif

Menus–that’s where the poetry is today!
Overheard at Meritage in
the Claremont

I saw you that evening
at the Nouveau
Grille in the Hotel
Centro in Caracas.
I remember the Warm
Crouton of Pigeon Breast
with Black Cherries
on a Mustard Seed
and Red Wine Cream,
and I followed you to Anguilla
where we lingered
at the Gourmet Restaurant
at Frangapani,
and oh, the Belgian Chocolate fused
with Sour Cherries Armagnac
and then our rendezvous
at the Edgewater
Hotel in Cork, the
Confit of Duck and Plum
Spring Rolls with Pickled Red
Onion and Coriander Salsa!
And when we kissed
at the La Palapa
in Guayagil
over the Spiny Lobster
Salad with Mango,
Foie Gras and Arugula!
Come with me now,
my darling,
to the Lanz
on Lake Constance!
Over Boiled Eifel Deer
with Cranberries
in Genever Sauce,
Savoy and Bun Dumplings,

I shall declare
undying love.

Max Reif’s poem Gratitude to the Trees appeared at vox poetica in October 2010.

2 Responses to “Contributor Series 8: Feast and Famine, Gourmet Love Poem”

  1. Sharon Poch says:

    I’m salivating and sighing–incredible ode to foood and romance.

  2. Maureen says:

    I read silently to myself and then I read out loud and tasted every word – delicious! Fabulous poem.

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