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Jeanette Cheezum’s most recent poem to appear here was “A Vision Only God Could Create” (March 2018).

By Jeanette Cheezum

Noel had traveled down the dungeonous path alone.
Hiding in a dark and lonely room when she didn’t have
money for her Prozac. When she was overlooked for a raise;
when the guy she loved walked out on her, or friends made
excuses when they didn’t have the patience to listen.

Realistically there were only a few days out of a month
she could fake a smile, or try to make believe.
Be able to tolerate her family and friends. Because they
were busy with great plans, or just had no idea what
she went through.

Thankful, that she didn’t get pregnant, because she didn’t
want to pass this illness on. Always a demon whirling
in her brain, at record speed, she’d given up on a normal life. 

When a new guy entered her life she questioned, was it
worthwhile to try again?
They stole a moment of love and life before he realized,
she needed to travel down that dungenous path alone.

8 Responses to “Depression”

  1. Frank Adams says:

    Jeanette – Thank you for this poem. I know this person, see aspects of her in myself, in so many people I have known through the years. Thanks for giving light and voice to the darkness that falls over so many people. Great job!

  2. Bobbie Troy says:

    Very powerful. Well done, Jeanette.

  3. Frieda Landau says:

    This really speaks to me I deal with depression all the time.

  4. Sandy Patton says:

    Jeanette, very powerful piece! You capture SO WELL those overwhelming feelings of total despair and being utterly alone with only your own thoughts and fears to plague you. WONDERFUL job!

  5. Tom says:

    Words that apply to many people who suffer with this disease.

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