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Short Songs: Tanka Poems

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Ilona Martonfi’s most recent poem to appear here was “Old Rus’ Wedding” (March 2018).

Short Songs: Tanka Poems
By Ilona Martonfi

white cherry blossoms
wrapped in red silk kimono
the sound of children
my mother’s hand-stitched songbook
singing “Sakura, Sakura”

on a moonlit night
wabi-sabi: impermanence
peonies in glass vase
framed canvas sitting on easel
oil painted by my daughter

shriveled and wrinkled
dried persimmons in rice straw
silver leaf on wood
mother invites deities
to come and bless the harvest

spring arrives here first
pink blossoms of wild plum trees
Kyūshū island
nourished in body and soul
night sky above my home

One Response to “Short Songs: Tanka Poems”

  1. Charlene james says:

    This is truly lovely

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