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Down To

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Hugh Fox has 110 published books to his credit, the latest being The Collected Poetry of Hugh Fox (World Audience, New York, NY). He is now retired after teaching writing for 30 years at University of Illinois, Loyola University in LA, Michigan State University, University of Florianopolis in Brazil, and the Instituto Pedagogico in Caracas. For a while he felt the literary world was dead-dead-dead but is overjoyed to see it resurrect on the internet. 

Down To
By Hugh Fox

Down to the Lutheran cathedral downtown for the MSU Russian chorus’ third day of Christmas concert, loving the Christ statue in the center of the altar, hands up, blessing the congregation, a huge crucifixion stained glass window over to my right, a resurrection stained glass on my left, no one in the audience under, say, sixty, most of them eighty plus, all the old bald guys and white puffy-haired wives, all the jaws and eyes and head shapes, Englishish, or Eastern Europeanish, the faces (and the Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Latvian songs) whispering ENDURE, MORNING, NOON, NIGHT, MULTIPLY, BLESS,

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