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Cassie Premo Steele’s most recent poem to appear here was The Sign (April 2015).

By Cassie Premo Steele

The ocean is a belly
where sleep enters
again and again,
a clean blanket
after losing the
slipper and no
prince comes for
happily ever after
and no lawyer,
either, at the end.
You pick the clover
from the grass
and hold it in
your hands as
you marry yourself,
a ring of daisies
around your finger
and watch the spell
of storm come down
to quench what
you finally admit,
after years of stuck,
that you desire.
The ocean goes in
and out again.
You sleep like a baby
with dreams on fire.


2 Responses to “Dreamwaves”

  1. John Berry says:

    Thank you for sharing this poem. I love it!

  2. Best to you in your new life. This is beautiful.

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