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Used Editions

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Bob McNeil’s most recent poem to appear here was “sword of words” (April 2011) 

Used Editions
By Bob McNeil

Each existence will be
another autobiographical edition
on a 1.8 million-year-old bookshelf.

Your tome,
although awaiting
more chapters,
should receive
herds of blurbs
because it exists.  `

Grant yourself
a good review
each day,
knowing you will
wind up
out of print
at some point.

10 Responses to “Used Editions”

  1. Bobbie Troy says:

    Wow, I like this!

  2. Mary McCarthy says:

    “Out of print”—sad but true!! Enjoyed!

  3. Robyn Jeanette Holly says:

    Bob is the epitome of everything beautiful and real when it comes to poetry. He touches on issues that are current, factual and consciously in grained within life’s current situations. We are all better for knowing, hearing and seeing his work evolve. My take is that one day people around the world will be filled with his words, they matter and can heal a state of mind that ponders a lot in today’s ever taxing will for change that is positive, good and inclusive for all when it comes to equality.

  4. Lydia says:

    Extremely relevant….as per our narratives, we the commentators on the times for which are a valuable part contributors of history…sages leaving behind the testaments of who and what our world represented and meant to us. Thank you my brother a refreshing post of yet another jewel dropped into our cerebral cortex. Drop the mic!

    Salaam I appreciate you …One

  5. Edna Garcia says:

    Yes, indeed my dear friend, one hundred years from now people won’t give a dam if you or I existed since we are not some icons that have created through our deeds a legacy. We can certainly ensure ourselves a place in history by writing something memorable and significant, like Mark Twin or Maya Angelou.

  6. Mary McCarthy says:

    and because we will soon be “out of print”–make each page count!

  7. Ankhi Ken-Herou says:

    Beautiful piece bro, as always!

  8. Carla Cherry says:

    Great poem about life!

  9. Gregg Dotoli says:

    Bob’s modern poetry is clear, terse and leaves the reader filling in the gaps. He isn’t afraid to make a point.
    This poet’s work should be on everyone’s bookshelf.

  10. Bob McNeil says:

    Your wonderful comments, albeit appreciated, are undeserved. If anyone deserves kudos, it is Nathan Gunter, the Managing Editor. By being mindful of details, he ameliorated my poem with a single correction. I am thankful for his acuity.

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