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Even Out

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Hiram Larew’s most recent poem to appear here was “Candor” (January 2017) 

Click below to hear Hiram Larew perform this poem:

Even Out
By Hiram Larew

By the way
I hear water turning towards me
And it doesn’t matter if I haven’t finished yet
Because I never will
Or if risks are deeply foolish –
They always are.
Hold me.
I hear water coming nearer and somehow I know
Beyond passion or pure potatoes
That there’s a terrific curve waiting out there for me
That’s crazy for balance –
Half rough half ready.
Near a place that’s hard
And dryly damp and no fooling.
I hear dripping at the edges
And I realize
That rocks are overhanging.
The only favor I ask
Of you or anything
Is to be given a fair idea
Of what I will become.
Or at least the chance
To head up always like a vine.

2 Responses to “Even Out”

  1. “To head up always like a vine.” !!! Great line!

  2. john j mckenna says:

    Beautiful my Brother. Thank you. jmck

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