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A fast burn or a slow unfolding

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Susie Sweetland Garay’s most recent poem to appear here was “Poverty Bend Road” (January 2017)

A fast burn or a slow unfolding
By Susie Sweetland Garay

I approach the frog pond
and hear a chorus of
splashes as each runs
from my approach,

except one, who stays solid
on his lily pad looking toward me,
through me really,

I open my eyes to a sunburst ceiling
and wonder if it will be a fast burn
or a slow unfolding.

A sneaker wave
that attacks when you
are not careful

catching you
and relaxed,

or if it will approach
slowly, allowing our fear
to grow as we wait for its arrival.

They tell me
to be patient,
that the roots
will reveal themselves.

But I will not waste any more time.

I am sure footed as I walk away.

One Response to “A fast burn or a slow unfolding”

  1. This is real and animated. Loved it!

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