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The Flow

08.07.17 Posted in today's words by

Anna Sanders’ most recent poem to appear here was “The Woman in the Moon” (May 2017)

The Flow
By Anna Sanders

Life is a flow
  with no beginning
    and no ending.

It has a forceful energy
  that cannot be defined by words
    but felt deep inside the soul.

The flow has a rolling motion
  with waves of laughter
    and depths of pain.

It is a spiritual journey
  unfolding like a colorful flower
    evoking a sense of
            and awe.

There is no logic
  only an inner belief
    in the power
       that’s guiding the flow.

2 Responses to “The Flow”

  1. Bobbie Troy says:

    The poem has its own “flow” and energy that I like very much. Good work, Anna.

  2. Nancy says:

    Beautiful poem…love it Anna!

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