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Melissa A. Wabnitz lives and writes in Austin, Texas. 

By Melissa A. Wabnitz

I have forgotten who I am.
I have forgotten who I am.

I have forgotten the sound of my laughter,
noises foreign like cedillas in the pitch black night.
I can’t recall what it feels like to hold a hand, touch.

I have forgotten who I am.
I have neglected to pay bills on time,
remember to shake with my right, not the left hand,
dance with my friends,
close motions on an empty and blinding floor,

I have forgotten who I used to be.
That person whom you knew, whom you wanted to be,
tired—I am.

And I have been forgotten.

3 Responses to “Forgotten”

  1. H. Larew says:

    A haunting, nicely composed piece. Kudos to Ms. Wabnitz.


  2. Bobbie Troy says:

    Very depressing.