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To A Friend

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To A Friend
By Austin Wallace

In every dream I hear a distant rumbling.
Maybe a cat walking on a piano.

You’ve gone but I can still feel your presence
off camera: doubtful but waiting to see what happens.

Now I can confide what I couldn’t before:
how at times I envied your terminal freedom.

These days I’m unemployed but waste gas driving
past meadows where you could have hunted arrowheads.

Between towns I wonder how we outrun our luck:
the world in all its glory stuck to you like confetti.

I roll down the window to see through your eyes:
translucent blades of grass pierce my apathy.

For moments only, I stop, step outside to breathe
in the scent of flowers here long before any man.

In the altar light before dark I listen
to the wind’s inscrutable demands.

2 Responses to “To A Friend”

  1. Well done. The ache of a lonely heart remembering.

  2. Bobbie Troy says:

    Lovely images and sentiment.