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High Mileage Low Maintenance

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Dale Leffler’s most recent poem to appear here was “Work as a Poem” (July 2014) 

High Mileage Low Maintenance
By Dale Leffler

I once had a grey cap
on the front, “Old Guys Rule”
was embroidered over a V-8.
I wore it daily

On the back above the sizing tab
was a saying,
“High Mileage / Low Maintenance.”
I thought, seems about right for me

It fit in many ways and I
thought I could do it proud,
for over the years I didn’t cost much
and hoped it would continue that way

But as with everything,
time does touch,
some things go by the way,
and as that saying went
‘You can pay me now or pay me later.”

I so wanted to be that guy
the one with small troubles
about the body and mind
but because of what I didn’t do
later has become sooner
and those bills are comin’ due

2 Responses to “High Mileage Low Maintenance”

  1. Sharon Poch says:

    Poignant reminder . . .

  2. And so is life~
    Well done.

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