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O’Keeffe: Intimacies of the Heart

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O’Keeffe: Intimacies of the Heart
By Julieta Corpus

Is it Spring out there?
Is it Spring in here?
Are you a tall Evergreen?
Are you a dizzying New York skyscraper?
Are you a famous portrait, perhaps?

What scares you the most about death?
Are you, by night, an imposing raven?
Do you often speak in colors?
Do Petunias burst from your lips?
Which flower reminds you of her essence?

Did you ever love her?
Did you love him more?
Is Abiquiu your heart?
Do you dream in vivid hues?
Are you Black Orchid or Yellow Callas?

Did you climb to the moon on that ladder?
Are you a wandering spirit?
Is this your secret language?
Are your veins dripping roses?
Are your ashes now part of each sunset?

One Response to “O’Keeffe: Intimacies of the Heart”

  1. Do Petunias burst from your lips? My favorite line.

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