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Friendship Abandoned

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Dale Leffler’s most recent poem to appear here was “BrainStorm” (December 2016)

Friendship Abandoned
By Dale Leffler

We’ve lost track since last we spoke, our unity displaced.
Being miles apart, no longer us, but simply you and I.
That never happened while meeting face to face.

Event by unshared event our lives drift apart, pulled by the tide
small comedies could’ve had us chuckle, tragic struggles would’ve made us cry
The diagnosis that was just too difficult, too painful for me to confide.

What’s no longer here, the simple sense of accepting grace.
What does all the distance deny? Our presence, our smile, our eyes
our quiet understanding, of needing to be listened to at a snail’s pace.

Emotional intimacies once so freely expressed,
so often shared with the greatest of ease,
now unobtainable from cellphone, email or messenger text,

leaves me hanging.

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