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Patrick’s poem Calamity Rani appeared here in January. He does a great job combining humor and poignancy and you can see that in both of these poems. 

By Patrick Shea

New life breathes skies of fire
light explosive leaps then rains
a dissipating tremor overhead
faint aftershocks of first creation
a glimpse back to the beginning
when there was nothing to see
and no one to see it

no glitz or schmaltzy kisses
no Swarovski crystal balls
no awkward muddled Dick Clark talk
no drunken chiming Auld Lang Syne
no forty-seven old regrets
no resolutions to forget
no confetti champagne flutes
no out of sight and out of mind
no party cruise to the pine box lot
no stilted self-important sense of time
no construction no distraction no diluted resignation
to the dropping ball and pealing bell of truth
that I celebrate, explode the new
because I blew the old to hell

just a pyrotechnic glance
into the absence of the past
a moment before all that is
when there was nothing there to see
before the first explosion rolled
and I was not alive or dead
just free.

One Response to “Glimpse”

  1. bobbie troy says:

    Love the last three lines.

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