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04.28.11 Posted in words to linger on by

Dee Thompson writes about love and family and she writes with a range of emotion. After you read this poem, read Rescue and see how well she uses humor in her poetry.


By Dee Thompson

It’s the dying time, naked, dry
ground, desiccated worms, twigs scattered like corpses–
Cold seeps into every corner–
Remember the recent gossamer fall?
Autumn’s bright leaves like gold coins scattered–
Dried-up wisps of papyrus, now, tatters–
Trees bend, windsigh, like old men, shivering.

Time for living, too.
Time for red peppers, salty fish, tender beef, acorn squash, red onions, gold potatoes–
Everything savory, everything succulent.
I treasure my status as a Foodie. I don’t like that it ends in “die” though–
No no no–
Food is life.
Despite the cold, despite the deadness, despite the bare forks of trees–
Steams up my kitchen, fills my nostrils, sings to me in a thousand flavors, tickles my tongue–
Life is here, in my kitchen.
Love, too.
Love is in everything I
Nourishing, delicious love.
Come, partake.

2 Responses to “Seasoning”

  1. Sarah says:

    Beautiful, cozy, inviting poem.

  2. A lovely poem, especially the ending.

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