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God, You Will Not Bargain

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Corey Mesler’s most recent poem to appear here was Stalker (January 2014).

God, You Will Not Bargain
By Corey Mesler

No matter how deeply I go down into myself/my God is dark, and
like a webbing made/of a hundred roots, that drink in silence.
………………………………………..–Rainer Maria Rilke

God, You will not bargain.
They tell me You
surround me, that anything
Not-me is You.
I suffer You sometimes in
the lightning or wind,
in the ache in my side, in
the blood in the gutter.
I don’t know You, God, nor
do I have a clear
method to remedy that. You
are Not-me, and I
am a lonely man, on this
road, not because it
is the Way, but because I awoke
and, in the darkness, all
I could see were two
lights ahead, the eyes, they tell
me, of Demon or God.
And I can only move forward.


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