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God’s Canvas

09.20.12 Posted in today's words by

Jacob Guariglia is 15 years old and he lives in Reno NV. This is his first published poem (congratulations Jacob!). He plays the violin and the guitar and he feels poetry is a connection point among the arts.

God’s Canvas
By Jacob Guariglia

The burning light is nearly out
God picks up his delicate paintbrush
And strolls over to his canvas
The clouds put on a newly sewn dress
The eternal water blossoms with stunning colors
A few streaks of ginger here
And a little crimson there
Around this descending ball of fire
This is a stare-only masterpiece

2 Responses to “God’s Canvas”

  1. You paint a beautiful picture.

  2. Marty Basden says:

    Congratulations, Jacob. Keep writing & submitting.

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