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Spring, After the Drought

09.21.12 Posted in audio, today's words by

Christine Nichols is a new poet from Stillwater OK. Her work has been published in Shadows Express and Camel Saloon. Visit her blog.

Spring, After the Drought
By Christine Nichols

It’s hard to have faith
after the drought,
but he plants.

His cracked hands curve
in a holy water clutch.
They shelter cherished heirlooms,
tiny teardrop seeds.

He leads them to the musky soil
kneels deep in warm furrows
buries them beneath
a rich organic blanket.

Dark eyes peer through
sun drenched lines of worry
as if squinting alone
could make it rain.

If he could he’d water them
with sweat from his own brow.

He’ll give them every chance
and curse the weather
hands open and ready
for just one harvest.

One Response to “Spring, After the Drought”

  1. Marty Basden says:

    This is a poem that I wish I’d written. Nice details, like the teardrop seeds (I had them in my garden this year). Great hopeful aura.

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